Sunday, August 14, 2011

More christian dishonesty.

     Fundamentalist christians are deceptive. Many of them (far, far too many to be plausible) have a "when I was an atheist" story. Now, Dan has come up with his. I don't believe that Dan was ever an atheist. For that matter, I don't think that he even has an accurate picture of atheists. He invented an element of the story about him and his brother "getting high." I called him on it. He apparently has this image of "atheists" shooting up drugs all day.
     Rather than address the issue that he was caught in a lie because he did not have a valid concept of the people among which he claims he used to be, he feigned indignation and acted like I had accused him of doing drugs. Hey, I don't accuse him of doing anything that is in his story. I think it is complete fiction. But in doing this, he is also exhibiting a point of pride.
     I'd like to talk about this point of pride. Usually, Dan will spout the normal fundamentalist platitudes: "all the glory goes to god," "we are incapable of goodness on our own," "we only have 'christ's' righteousness," etc. By invoking pride, he shows that he does not believe all that nonsense. He is asserting that he was capable of doing good without his god. But, for this one moment, it is more important to him that his audience is distracted from my real accusation (that he has made his story up) and get them thinking that I have made an unreasonable accusation instead (that he made a habit of doing drugs.) He knows that I am on to him and that he can't fool me. His only hope is to get others not to listen to me.

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