Friday, August 19, 2011

I find it rather amusing that Norman is complaining about trolls.

     The reason I find it amusing is because Norman is the only internet troll I have encountered. But Norman's standards for calling someone a troll are a little different than mine. I call someone a troll if he regularly attempts to induce emotional responses so that he can tell himself that he is superior to people. Norman calls someone a troll if he dares to disagree with him.
     Recently, Norman has talked about how someone has accused him of blocking scientists (I think on his Twitter account.) He says scientists have better things to do than bother christians with "bad logic." I cannot speak for what scientists do in their spare time. It is not unreasonable to think that some of them would have networking accounts. I do know that Norman denounces sound logic as "bad logic" whenever someone argues coherently against his position. My guess is that he bothered several people (some of whom may have been scientists) that proceeded to reply on his account and he used the names of logical fallacies as a grab bag with which to accuse them; called them various derogatory names; and then blocked them.
     Seriously, there are trolls on the internet. But there aren't that many. If you complain about being inundated by trolls on all sides, the likely reality is that you are the troll.

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