Thursday, March 08, 2012

I feel like laughing at an idiot. Hey, let's check out Norman.

     As always, there's a chance I'm being set up and some juvenile-minded individual will say, "Haw, haw! He went for it!" So be it, Soviet. On the other hand, it could be real and this inquirer has taste, discernment and obvious intelligence. I see that he landed at Piltdown Superman, a great place to begin searching for answers."
     As we can see, Norman is flattering himself yet again. Norman's sites are terrible places to look for answers. They are pretty good for comic relief, though. Those who manage to grow up understand that there will be smart people who agree with them, smart people who disagree with them, stupid people who agree with them, and stupid people that disagree with them. Norman thinks (or acts like he thinks) that there are only smart people who agree with him and stupid people who disagree.


     "You've had atheists lie to you about not having an agenda, haven't you? Well, they want to evangelize us away from our faith."
     Some do, some don't. Personally, I suspect that Norman is projecting his own "us vs. them" mentality on anybody who doesn't belong to his little group.
     "While attempting to destroy the faith of individuals (if you don't believe me, you're not an open christian on Facebook or Twitter), they also want to destroy religion itself. Especially christianity. Just ask Richard 'Daffy' Dawkins about his hypocritical crusade [to] destroy christianity."
     You know, Norman, if you want people to contact Dawkins, you should give them a contact address of Dawkins, not yourself. But, yes, if everybody stopped believing in christianity, christianity would crumble.
     "I still don't get it. Why do people get together to celebrate what they do not believe? Does your 'lack of belief' motivate your actions? 'I do not believe that the ChiComs are going to invade Brazil in the next few days, so I'm going to protest.' Atheists will troll the sap out of christians. Why? Because they 'lack belief' in god. Like, duh! Norman the paranoid troll is about to say I'm lying again because he lacks belief in what I'm saying (snicker)."
     Well, Norman, I am fully aware that you don't get it. People are protesting the use of religious textx, like yours, in forming draconian laws. If christianity had no power in government, you wouldn't see anything like that. And, frankly Norman, if you think yourself a liar, then you should probably stop lying.
     "Many modern internet atheists are not so much 'freethinkers' and 'rationalists' as they are 'nonthinkers.' That's right, I said it! I keep tripping them up in very basic logical fallacies."
     I haven't seen this. I've seen you beat up your strawman on your blog. But that's about it. It has been months since I have seen you make a comment on anyone else's site. Is everybody banning you?
     "Being an atheist does not automatically make someone smarter or freer than anyone else."
     Well, this is true. (The blind squirrel finds a nut!) I will even go so far as to say that the atheists who proselytize use the same tactics of intimidation, ridicule, and coercion that christians do.

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