Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am going to have to see if I can find a new site for blog hosting.

     When I first got started with Blogger, all you needed was an e-mail address. That's not a problem. You can get an e-mail address anywhere. Then, a day came in which Blogger would not allow me to log in without providing a "confirmation phone number" ostensibly for security reasons. I didn't believe it for a moment. But I do have a land-line telephone and I can pretty much ignore advertising that comes through it. But now, Blogger is getting more and more aggressive about wanting a "mobile phone number." (Locally, they're called cell phones.) I have gotten by for forty years without a cell phone. I don't want one now. I think they are too expensive. And I refuse to incur a $50/month expense just to have the priviledge of continuing to use Blogger. If I ever do get a cell phone, it will be for a more compelling interest than that.
     Google is also a rarity among modern companies. Although they have a "contact page," it provides no way of contacting them. All it really is is a FAQs page. It will allow you to get answers to questions that Google wants to answer. And it can't be a set of questions that are frequently asked because THEY ARE IMPEDING ANY ATTEMPT ACTUALLY TO CONTACT THEM!!! I was able to find a mailing address. I may attempt to send them a letter. Then again, it might be futile. If they are as adverse to being contacted as their contact page suggests, they probebly just throw letters away unopened.

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MaxFF said...

You could check out WordPress. It's actually been a few months, but they didn't ask for phone numbers or any ridiculous stuff like that, the last time I used it.