Monday, March 19, 2012

Hezekiah vs. Hezekiah

     I'm still waiting for an apology. After being challenged over and over to produce evidence against me you failed and failed and failed.
     That's your problem. You are the one accusing me. The burden is on you.

     You won't admit it. so quit my time. [sic]

     We both know you have no evidence and in fact never had any.
     When you are ready to present your evidence let me know.

     Well, I have been told those words.
     In regards to you, you never said those exact words. In fact I never said you did. However,, from your behavior on Alex's blog and mine it's a conclusion that I could apply.
     If you want to argue against it go right ahead. We both know you will never admit it.

     Now, the excerpts are from him demanding an apology from me for my conclusion that he made offensive and libellous remarks on Alex's old blog that got deleted (conclusion based on the responses he got which were still available at the time) and from his deciding he could make a false charge against Reynold. Please note that on either side of the argument, he considers the burden of proof to be on not him.

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