Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another statement from the not-as-mighty-as-he-imagines-himself Norman

     Norman has decreed: "Typical. Playing the Ridicule Card or otherwise attempting to insult and hurt someone is a frequent opening gambit in lieu of actual thought."
     Well, do you know what? He is actually right on that point. And I have criticized both christians and atheists for using ridicule in place of argument or thought. Yes, I am aware that I laugh at Norman. But I do not pretend that Norman's inanity is a reason to believe that christianity is false. He's just fun. At any rate, I would like to give a perfect example of someone doing just as Norman criticizes.
     "I have been wanting to call CARM Radio and ask Matt Slick if he supports my hypotenuse hypothesis: Atheists are control freaks. (Relax, we can talk about them. They're too busy at their Treason Rally, celebrating their use of logical fallacies and how they are motivated to take action by things in which they lack belief. Yeah, makes sense to me, too.) I have had several instances of control freakness that cause me to wonder if it is more than just a couple of individuals."
     Yep, that's Norman. He hasn't given any coherent thoughts. But he has said "control freaks" and "treason rally." I often wonder if he is aware of the irony of his posts.

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