Monday, March 28, 2011

Silence implies agreement

     That is a generally accepted principle. There are exceptions, of course -- notably when that silence is coerced. However, if I choose not to object to a particular claim, then it may reasonably be assumed that I accept that claim as correct -- or, at the very least, that I have no opinion on the claim. However, Rhomphaia manages to find an invalid invocation of the principle. Specifically, she invokes the principle and blocks response.

     "[It's] not honest to set up conditions when someone has already said they're done talking."
     Well, strictly speaking, I am stating my beliefs about why he has taken his ball and gone home. If he disagrees with those beliefs, I am not blocking him from saying so.
     "You can't just tag on a clause when they've walked away from a conversation!?!?"
     Of course I can. He departed in dishonesty and I can certainly tag on a clause to point it out to those who are paying attention.
     "...Talk about false dilemma- you gotta stop that, seriously."
     The list of logical fallacies is not simply some grab-bag that you can throw items from when you feel like it. I made my assessment for the reasons for his behavior. He can challenge them or not (on your post, of course; he is currently not welcome on my blog) at his discretion.
     "No need to respond- remember your rule- silence equals agreement,, hmm?"
     That would work a whole lot better if you weren't blocking responses. However, I responded where I could. It looks like I don't agree.

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Alex B said...

Stormbringer and Rhomphaia have shown an increasingly ugly side to belief these last few days, Stormy attacking another Christian for daring to apologise on his behalf was something to see.

The man is a maniac, and a hypocrite.