Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hotmail doesn't allow the attachment of executable files

     I found this out as I attempted to email a copy of an image-editing program I am working on to a former co-worker of mine. Yes, I got permission first. As a work-around I changed the file extension on my end and told him to change it back on his. But seriously, I understand that executable files are potentially dangerous. But most e-mail programs do not automatically open attachments. You have to open them manually. And then the e-mail program gives you the option of opening them or saving them to your hard drive. And people can, and should check the file extensions. And in case all that isn't enough, e-mail programs will also inform you when an attachment has a potentially dangerous extension in case someone is still stupid enough to open an unknown file. And I rather think the unique icon is something of a dead giveaway. Does Microsoft really think that people are that stupid?

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