Sunday, March 27, 2011

Does Norman actually have a job?

     Here, you will find a thread that includes audio where Norman's whinings are read by someone sympathetic. One thing I noticed was that Norman claimed "data entry" as his occupation. Now, that is a real occupation. In fact, it's mine. And Norman has seen me say so. Now, it's possible that, by sheer coincidence, he does the same type of work that I do. It's not a mentally challenging job. It only requires the ability to type accurately. But I think it more likely that Norman is a child, has no job, and simply latched on to an occupation that he heard elsewhere from someone (me) that he could rely on as identifying a real job description. I also find it strange that he is allowed to listen to internet broadcasts during working hours, though I suppose it's possible. Most companies prefer the company computers to be used for company business, but they will usually allow you to bring in a CD player. They just don't connect to the internet.
     There are some other interesting tidbits. He complains of name-calling, when he engages in continual name-calling himself. In fact, I find that everything that he complains about "atheists" doing to him is something that he does as standard practice. The complete hypocrisy is astonishing.
     There is one thing I can grant him. I did tell him that he was a fundamentalist christian even though he denied being so. However, I identified the definition I was using, someone who believes the bible to be a fundamental truth and authority, and it does describe him. I invited him to identify his definition and explain why he thought the term didn't apply to him. He basically said he didn't like the term because it sounds bad these days. Well, I'm not concerned with whether or not it "sounds bad." It is still an accurate description.

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