Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My response to Norman:


     I do understand the difference between dishonesty and disagreement. When you say such things as "living in mommy's basement" and the various other lies you tell about me, you are being dishonest. I called you out on your dishonesty and you banned me for it.

     It fits this post. Naturally, he will be dishonest and delete the comment at his end.


Stormbringer said...

If I had seen your transparent, manipulative attempt at baiting, I would indeed have deleted your comment. Instead, I replied to it so the world can see how insane you really are. Tell me, do you watch comedians and cry through the show, "They're lying!" You cannot discern between satire and comedy, and genuine lying. Perhaps because you indulge in significant levels of dishonesty yourself. My post about you shows that you are off the rails. Get help.

Pvblivs said...


     What you do is intended to hurt. It is not comedy. You get caught and then say "it was a joke." Well, here's a hint. In comedy, there are no unwilling targets. Got it? Since you did not ask and you did not get my approval for your statements about me, they do not qualify as comedy and only qualify as lying. And the fact that you keep repeating the lies (in your obsessive fixation on me) indicates that you did not even intend humor. As for "my attempt at baiting," I meant the comment as a sincere comment but, given your track record of dishonesty, I expected you to delete it. So, I posted it where you cannot delete it.