Sunday, February 27, 2011

He did rather badly on his promise

     "I am nowhere near a 'fundamentalist'"
     Can you give an example of what a fundamentalist is (in your mind) that you are not?

     My article already proved that you cannot grasp the logic fail of "false dilemma".
     No, that is a false claim on your part. You have made a promise to stop playing games where you "revoke my commenting privileges." Either you keep that promise, and I am wrong, or you break that promise, and I am right. It really is that simple. Now, I will grant that you have made incompatible claims. But that's not my fault. You promised before not to delete responsive comments. And that proved to be a lie.

     There is no need to project your tendency to ridicule on anyone else. Ultimately, you say you don't like the term "fundamentalist" because it "sounds bad" in modern society. Well, I can't control what "sounds bad." But I will stand by my assessment that you are, in fact, a fundamentalist.

     Those were some of the comments which I made and Norman promised to let through; but he reneged. Yes, yes, I know; he changed his mind. But the point of a promise is that you don't get to change your mind. It is a commitment. (I was working on saving some other comments; but the computer froze.)


Alex B said...

Stormbringer has shown himself on your blog, my blog, and several other locations across the web, to be totally incapable of talking anything but bollocks.

I firmly believe he's got some serious mental health issues.

Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

How about a LITTLE picture PBS?