Saturday, January 22, 2011

The nature of christianity

     Many people will say that christianity is about love and redemption. Some people actually believe it. The ones who believe it do not understand how the bible advocates treating outsiders. The concepts of love, mercy, justice, kindness, etc. are only a mask. The mask is to be used for two purposes. It is used to draw in unsuspecting outsiders. And it is also to be used when christians are relatively powerless within a society so that they aren't dealt with as the threat they truly are. Now, I realize that there are people that consider themselves christian that truly pursue love, peace, etc. They are simply not following the bible as a whole. They are only using the pleasant passages. And, in fairness, they are no threat.
     No, people like Norman represent the true face of christianity. Thwy cannot wear the mask well. They cannot hide their hatred and utter contempt for anyone who is not a christian. Ray Comfort wears his mask well. Sometimes he slips and you can see past it. But if you are not cautious in advance, he is likely to take you in and, at least, give a false impression of what christianity is all about. Not so with Norman. The best that comes from him is a half-hearted acknowledgement that a non-christian is even human. He doesn't address or even refer to non-christians without some perverse distortion. He can't even use their correct names. Now, you might think that was somehow un-christian. But you would be wrong. No christian has called him on the behavior. Even Ray Comfort, who says he insists on civility on his blog, lets that through with no problem.

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