Sunday, January 16, 2011

Excuses for god

     Norman has made a recent post about how when he was twelve (last week) he used to think Black Sabbath was a christian band because of the lyrics of some of their songs. (I am not personally familiar with their work. I preferred "old blue eyes" or Paul and Art.) When other songs contradicted that perspective, he sought to make excuses for them.
     This reminded me of the way christians make excuses for their god. They like to say that their god is "all-good." But when presented with the fact that the world we live in suggests a disinterested overseer at best and that their own holy book attributes actions and commands that they would call evil if done by anyone else, they make excuses. I have heard things like "morally sufficient reason" and "his thoughts are not our thoughts." They wouldn't accept such excuses for other proposed gods. The time for making excuses for the christian god is long since gone. Face the reality. If he exists, he is not good.

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BJ said...

Everyone makes excuses that they love or think love them.

Wives with abusive husbands comes to mind. I had a conflicting moment of morals at my workplace to ask a regular customer if she was "okay" -- when she obviously wasn't. Her face was beat to hell, there was no way "a stumble off the curb" could've done that to her. I wasn't sure if I was crossing the professional line, though, so I told her that if she needed to, we could call the police and she could stay in the store for awhile.

A little off topic, but that's what it reminds me of~