Saturday, January 08, 2011

Does Jesus comman his followers to lie and kill?

     I posed this question to Rhomphaia ( in a way that will secure her honest appraisal. If she deletes the comment, or any others of mine, it will indicate that she agrees that that is what followers of Jesus do. If she does not, then she does not agree that that is what followers of Jesus do. Norman (aka cowboybob, soldierforjesus, stormbringer, etc., etc.) already agrees with that because that's what he does. But then, we already knew that from the "soldier" moniker. What does a soldier do? He kills people he perceives as the "enemy."
     As we all know, christians will say that theirs is a religion of peace. Of course muslims say that about their religion too. But the fact is that christians only act peaceful because thay have been disempowered. When they had control, we had inquisitions, witch trials, burning of heretics. Good grief, Rhomphaia has no such power and wanted to trick me into eating a laxitive-laced cake. Can anyone really question that she would be deadly to non-christians if she could do so safely?


BibleBob said...

The bible instructs us to not murder innocent people. And it also tells us that we can defend ourselves with force against an attack on our person. It also gives the state governement the right to execute a man in the case of a proportionate crime.

Pvblivs said...


     I am not arguing against self defense. But I have seen the cop-out "no one is truly innocent" too many times for a claim that the bible says not to murder innocents to have any weight. I oppose the death penalty generally, but when the church had real power, "not being christian" was often considered a "crime" deserving of death. From where I stand, christianity is deadly when given the chance.