Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well, Daniel is decreeing that I am not impartial because I don't simply take his side on everything.

     I suppose it's not really a surprise. He doesn't want a fair judge. He wants someone to give him a pass on everything. Failing that, he wants to say that anyone who says that something he did is wrong is just a "servant of Satan" looking for an excuse to accuse him. Well, the fact is that when he is right, I say so. When he is wrong, I say that as well. In the particular post he is wrong to say that Charles of England went to him. He went to Charles (by his own account) and taunted him about his dead wife. Now, he might have tried to argue that he was justified in going to Charles. That would be open to discussion. After all the man who threw the shoes at George Bush no doubt considered himself justified in going to Bush to do so. But he would be wrong to say that Bush went to him.


Oranges said...

In actual fact Daniel probably thinks you are going to hell because you disagree with him. Everyone who disagrees with him HAS to be wrong, and more, they HAVE to be satanic.

I'm quite proud of the fact he felt so threatened by me that he started moderating comments on his blog. I only tried posting once since, asking if I was now permanently banned, and surprise surprise my post never appeared. Oh well.

Reynold said...

Holy shit...I just read his post about Charles...I can't believe what a sociopathic &&&& that guy is.

I think I'd be afraid to run into him on the street.

Mind you, depending on my mood, I may instead actually relish such a confrontation.

Well, my comments haven't been banned yet.

Reynold said...

Well, this is what I posted on Dan's blog...I also posted this on Dani'El's blog in his newest post. We'll see if my comment makes it there or not.