Saturday, December 27, 2008

A hypothetical situation:

     Suppose someone had created a device that allowed him to control the actions of someone else. Suppose further that he used device to make someone else rob a bank. Finally, suppose the person who used that controller was the judge in the criminal case and sentenced his victim to life in a dungeon. Would that person be perfectly good? Is the person controlled against his will actually responsible for anything?


Reynold said...
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Reynold said...

I forgot; the guy in the second link has a link to Vincent Cheung (the guy in the first link).

Pvblivs said...

     Running into calvinists is a bit like breathing. You just can't avoid it.

Reynold said...

I messed up: They seem to call themselves "reformed" christians or something, not outright "Calvinists".

Anyway, here's the link.

Also, I've removed the actual quote from that Cheung guy's site. I've replaced it with directions on how to find the quote instead: Just read the last full paragraph of page 5, and the first one on page 6, where he talks about it being sinful for a person to disobey God whether or not he can help it.

Sorry for the mess-up.

Dan +†+ said...

Pvblivs said running into Calvinists is like a breath of fresh air.

Thanks buddy! :)

Pvblivs said...

     You might want to re-read my comment. I think you misunderstood it.