Sunday, December 21, 2008

A prediction

     I am making a prediction for what will in 2009 when Daniel's "prophecy" about the supernatural destruction of San Francisco fails to come to pass. I will put my prediction in the comments section to avoid claims of editing after the fact.


Pvblivs said...

     My prediction for when San Francisco is not destroyed is that Daniel's followers will say that their god has "stayed his wrath" in order to demonstrate his love and mercy. This prediction is, of course, just what I think the most likely result is. But, based on my experience and my readings, I think it highly unlikely that they will call him a false prophet.

zilch said...

Hmmm... you may well be right. But does Dani'el have any followers? Maybe one. Pvblivs: why don't you check out the blog wearesmrt? We've got discussions going about Dani'el, and Dan Marvin, and there are lots of good people there.