Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And now for an ad spoof...

Are you concerned about getting a ticket when you go out for a drive? Are the speed limits in your area far too low? Hey, we know that you can drive safely at high speeds and we are here to help eliminate your worries. Our new radar-proof paint will make speeding tickets a thing of the past. Our patented RADOFF™ technology causes the paint to absorb the radar signals that hit it while acting like ordnary paint (available in seven colors) for visible light. The radar will not see your car. Also check out our radar-proof window treatments and license plate covers. Clear to the visible eye, the absorb and eliminate radar signals. The trouble with obscuring covers is that the police can see what you are doing. You may get special attention. Not with our radar-proof covers. No one can tell that you've got it. It just makes radar ineffective. Buy it today; and make your car radar-proof.

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