Sunday, November 09, 2008

So, what happens when 2009 goes by and SF and LA still stand?

     There's one guy on Blogger (of whom I'm aware) who is predicting that San Francisco and Los Angeles will be destroyed supernaturally next year. Of course, I don't think it will happen. I have asked if he will admit he is a false prophet (according to his own faith, if it doesn't happen. Others have asked more complicated variants before I. He is very evasive. But I did get this out of him. He refuses to consider the possibility that his god lied to him. So what happens when the deadline approaches? If his prediction comes to pass, of course, he will feel vindicated. But if (much more likely) it does not, he may be cause for concern. Perhaps he will try to bring about the destruction himself. Perhaps he will be able to concede that he has been living a lie. Perhaps he will go someplace else and set a different time or fall back on "no one knows the day or hour." Or perhaps he will snap completely. I really don't know.

     Updated for error.


Reynold said...

He'll go into complete ferret shock.

Ok, that was stupid, but I had to get a ferret reference in here somehow.

ExPatMatt said...


If it did happen, what would you do?

(Assuming it was proper fireballs from Heaven stuff and not, say, and earthquake)

Pvblivs said...


     I would probably have some fear as it would probably mean that Daniel's monster was real. Beyond that, there really isn't anything I could do. I am certainly not going to worship such an awful being.

Stew said...

If fire rains down on San Francisco next year I will have a big think.

I may have to consider the idea that something supernatural communicated with Daniel.

I'll do my damndest to find a natural conclusion first tho.

It wouldn't necessarily prove the Bible true, just certain parts of it. Just certain horrible parts of it.

ExPatMatt said...

It raises an interesting question, eh?

If you did have proof that Hell was real, and a viable place for you to spend eternity, would that justify worshiping the monster who created it, just to save your own skin?

My arrogant, intellectual side says 'no'. But my intense aversion for being tortured says 'yes'.