Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christianity must be a trap.

     In a comment on his blog Daniel claimed that he had faith that can move mountains. Now, it is entirely unsurprising when christians pass this bit of fiction between themselves. It's something like a secret handshake. But his blog is (supposedly) directed at non-christians in an attempt to be convincing. Now, many non-christians dismiss extraordinary claims out of hand. I do not. I don't accept them without evidence either. What I do is examine claims and test them. Daniel's not stupid. He knows this.
     Making a bold claim like that and then retreating to bible verses to excuse not answering challenges is a very foolish way to try to convince people that your claims are true. It took me while, but I had an insight. He's not trying to convince people that his claims are true. The spirit of christianity forces him to maintain a pretense. He has been somehow trapped and is giving an indirect warning to any who might examine. I have to conclude that he unable to say directly what he would like.

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