Saturday, December 03, 2011

I have stated that formal schooling os usually superior to home-schooling.

     I have stated that, in most cases, formal schooling is superor to home-schooling. My reasoning is simple. The instructors in formal education have more knowledge about their respective fields than the parents do. "This is simply because the instructor must be more advanced in knowledge of the subject than the level of knowledge he wishes to impart to his students."
     It should probably come as no surprise that Dan ignored my stated reasoning and invented some fictitious reasoning claiming that I prefer people to become sheep. The irony is, of course, rather obvious. Dan and his fellow christians brag about being sheep for Jesus.
     Imagination and creativity cannot be taught. They develop on their own. Now, they can be stifled. From what I have read, certain "high performance" private schools do just that. But those are not really in my consideration when I say that the formal education is superior. And the public schools that Dan likes to criticize so much do not do that. But then, I suspect (even still) that Dan home-schools his children to make sure that they remain sheep for Jesus. The public schools will teach things that challenge the bible. I really doubt that Dan will expose his children to any of those things.

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