Sunday, December 11, 2011

The content of an electronic submission from myself to Sen. McCain.

(The subject isn't a good fit. But none of the choices are.)

I read with some dismay that you are actively trying to dismantle freedom in this country and nullify the Constitutional protections that the citizens enjoy to prevent tyranny in government. Specificly, I read that you authored legislation that would allow a de facto military dictatorship to lock up political dissidents and protesters indefinitely without charge or trial by merely using the codephrase "suspected terrorist." I'm sure that you are aware that the due-process provision of the Fifth Amendment and the speedy trial provision of the Sixth were put in place to prevent the types of abuses that George III of England imposed against the colonists. We do not need people inconvenient to the powers-that-be just "disappearing."

For all the rhetoric that is going around these days, it would appear that the biggest haters of freedom, the biggest terrorists are sitting in the United States Congress or funding the campaigns of those who do. No credible threat to our freedoms currently comes from outside of our country. They can burn all the flags that they want. It means nothing more than a child sticking out his tongue. It is the active dismantling of the freedom of the people that you are engaged in that is the true threat.

     I should note that I don't expect him actually to read it. But it would be nice if he read it and showed some signs of a conscience and/or respect for the Constitution.

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D.A.N. said...

I read it and he should too!

I am behind a bit, but this 'closing time' song slapped me this morning about this subject and I just had to post about it. I was moved by the Spirit in my worldview.

They KNOW full well what they are doing by removing our rights as we know it.

Could you just imagine if McCain actually won the election? Wow we would all be in camps being gassed by now. I believe he has Stockholm Syndrome and is trying to ruin the US from the inside.

There is NO other rational explanation. He is the worst.

If this is the 'natural evolution' of mankind in society then stop the bus, its time for me to get off.

Peace, fellow Patriot.

Remember, the new currency will be Ammo and Seeds. Keep a good stock.

:7) [It would be funny if it were not so sad and frightening.]

Like I said we have ONE chance to get this right. Please vote in the primaries for Ron Paul. We have NO other alternative. Let's fix this and then we can move on to the other subjects. We NEED to send a message. We have no other option. Well there is that "other" option that we will talk about in the nationwide 'secret' meeting. See you there.