Saturday, October 01, 2011

What do christians praise about their god?

     Well, Norman (who represents the true face of christianity) has recently done a blog post about what he finds admirable about his god. He praises his god for (according to the story) murdering hundreds of innocents with just twelve inches of water. Now, the main thrust of his post is that "atheists" claim there are no miracles portrayed in the bible. Quite frankly, I doubt that there is a single atheist who makes such a claim, although I suppose it's possible. But I think he got some christian to "play atheist" for his story.
     Even though it's not the main focus of his post, I think that the fact that Norman praises murder (when done by his god) is quite telling and quite frightening. Christianity is evil because it praises such horrors and holds them as wonderful. It matters not that I and many others think that the events portrayed are fictional. The description is a description of evil. And to praise it is still to praise evil.

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