Sunday, September 18, 2011

Norman and "logic lessons"

     Well, it looks like Norman has decided to do "logic lessons" again. This time he is talking about "appeal to motive." Yes, the fellow who says that anyone who disagrees with him in any way, shape, or form does so with the motive of "hate" is talking about other people making a false appeal to motive. You can find his post at "" Oh, if anyone is interested in looking at wehat he has to say (and having a good laugh at it) I ask that you not type the address in directly from my blog. He is a sufficient irritant when he decides to harrass me that I would just as soon he continue to forget that I even exist.
     "I posted some song lyrics in the comments section of a Weblog, and [I] said that I posted them 'to feel better about myself.' (What gave [me] the idea that [I] had insight into [my own] mental processes, I have no idea.)"
     Well, personally, I am prepared to assume that Norman knows his own mind. But things get tricky when he pretends to be multiple people. But, I would guess in this instance (assuming he didn't invent it out of whole cloth) that he posted some song lyrics that excused or "commanded" an inappropriate act that he was caught doing. In such a circumstance, it is quite reasonable to conclude that he had posted those lyrics to feel better about himself. He would be being told that what he was doing was wrong, and he would be posting song lyrics to tell himself that what he was doing was "right" or at least acceptable.
     Of course, since he doesn't provide the actual encounter as evidence, the most we can do is speculate about the event and what a possible opposition that witnessed the event might argue.

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