Saturday, October 29, 2011

Norman brings up a good point.

     It just isn't the one he thinks. The "Tea Party" is very much part of the establishment. It has to be. None of its members were arrested.
     In every protest movement, members are arrested. Usually, there are riots. One hypothesis is that the establishment sends in confederates to throw bricks, smash windows, and commit other harmful actions while acting as a "protester" to create an image that the protesters are just a bunch of thugs. Now, some actual protesters may follow like sheep and join in, or they may not. Either way, the fakes have given the police a "reason" to arrest everyone. This hypothesis seems to fit rather strongly and I am inclined to believe it is the reality.
     As Norman pointed out, none of this happened with the "Tea Party" movement. The only conclusion is that it was only made to look like a protest, but had the full blessings of the establishment.

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