Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stormbringer now says...

     Stormbringer now says that he took the name from an album and has modified his profile to include the image of the album cover (apparently to "prove" that was the case.) Now, me, I think after he saw that I noted that he named himself after a certain black sword, he searched for some possible alternate source for that name. After all, he does try to claim that everything I say is a "lie." I have no doubt that, had I said he named himself after the song, he would claim he named himself after the book.
     But in a sense it doesn't really matter. Based on the source I identified, he named himself after evil. Even if you take his claim at face value (which I don't) he still named himself after evil. Whether he recognized it as evil when he chose the name...
     So what's the point of all this? Well, for my part, I am quite entertained by Stormbringer's antics. Stormbringer, on the other hand, seems deathly afraid that someone might actually listen to what I have to say. It explains a lot. He spends a lot of time railing about how I am "lying," "wrong," "filled with hate," and so on. This can be explained as trying to get people who have already seen what I say to dismiss me the way he would like. On the other hand, he makes sure not to supply his readers with any links, ever, that would lead them to what I actually say and enable them to make up their own minds. In fact, when Google automatically tracks back from when I link to him, he deletes such links because he doesn't want his readers making up their own minds.


Regnirbmrots said...

Except, Liar, that not only have I been using that modified album cover off and on for several years, but the post on my other site that has the song was made on April 7. Do you think I traveled time just to spite you? While I am strongly in favor of allowing the mentally handicapped access to the Internet, in your case, I recommend a padded cell. Wow, what a narcissistic nut case. You need serious, long-term and costly help to get over yourself.

Pvblivs said...

     "Do you think I traveled [through] time just to spite you?"
     Of course not. Editing after the fact is much more straightforward. When you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras. That could have started off as a post about some song you sang to yourself as a theme song, which fits your character.
     I notice that, when you say "Do you think I...," you never come up with a simple explanation for something and there always is one. Personally, I think that's because you realize that, if you admitted the simple explanation, you could never convince anyone that my suspicions were irrational.
     "You need serious, long-term and costly help to get over yourself."
     This coming from the guy who called himself "Cowboy God" and pretended that he had an audience addressing him that way? It looks like just one more thing on which you need to take your own advice.

rhiggs said...

Interesting that Stormbringer (who I assume is also Regnirbmrots among other sock-puppets) said this:

"When I catch them in errors of logic, naturally, I get excuses and the equivalent of a rude gesture to prove that they are my intellectual superiors simply because they said so and xtians are big dumb stupidheads."

And then in the above comment does the very same thing and implies that Pvblivs... mentally handicapped

...needs a padded cell a narcissistic nut case

Indeed, if Pvblivs has any obsession, it is with reporting the actions of Stormbringer, which would make him the very opposite of narcissistic.

Pvblivs said...

     Well, Rhiggs, technically, it isn't a sock puppet as he uses the same account. He just changes the name periodically. It's the same way I know that "Bullhorn" (who is welcome to post if he can actually address anything I have said, though I'm not holding my breath) is really Fullcircle. The different names point to the same account.
     As for Stormbringer matching his accusations against me, I currently assume that he represents everything of which he accuses non-christians -- that would include living in his mommy's basement.