Saturday, October 30, 2010

He can't really believe all the things he says, can he?

     Stormbringer wrote a post about the "enemies of freedom and liberty." Now, it should be noted that the people who advocated secret prisons and holding American citizens in secret facilities without charge, access to lawyers, or access to the courts were Republicans. Remember that? Now, I'm not going to say that all Republicans advocate that, because they don't. But all the people who advocate that are Republicans. He clearly has not considered what it means to be "anti-freedom." Such a position opposes the right to dissent. (When was the last time you heard someone called a "Democrat In Name Only"?) And those who oppose freedom will necessarily want to build more prisons. (There can be other reasons for wanting to build prisons. But someone trampling freedom needs more prisons to accomplish his task.)
     I'm not going to tell anyone he has to favor the Democrats in this election. The Democrats will lose seats because the economy is struggling. I know this for a fact. And some people believe that Democrats push too much government spending. Of course, I happen to like spending on libraries and research. But I can't (and will not try to) dictate others' beliefs. The facts, however, are quite plain. Any anti-freedom movement we have seen has come from within the Republican party. I would recommend that the GOP try to lose those members. They are a small (but loud) part of the party and can be considered a cancer.

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Whateverman said...

He clearly has not considered what it means to be "anti-freedom."

I disagree. I think he knows EXACTLY what that phrase entails - the trick is in understanding that he's using a non-standard definition of the word "freedom".

What does his world view represent? Freedom. As in "the best of everything, working in the best possible way, for the benefit of the greatest number of people. If a person is "anti-freedom", they reject SB's world view.

Clearly, dictionary definitions of the word reveal that liberals and democrats are no more against freedom than are folks of different political persuasions.

No, I don't think he really believes what he says. He knows this, and says it regardless.