Saturday, June 26, 2010


     "Know what? I have seen NOTHING to convince me that [christians] are nothing but lying, gutless cowards without morals that live in Fantasyland and think they are better than everyone else. How many have had the nerve to read part 2 of this? About ten."

     The person above actually said "atheists." But it applies so well to so many christians. But here's a good question. Why would this guy think he knows how many people part 2 of his nonsense? People can read what he wrote from the main blog. The only reason to click into the post specificly is to try to leave a comment. Second, why should anyone be expected to come back for a second helping of libellous accusations? There really is no point. To call someone a coward for not visiting a sice that lies about him and provides no opportunity for response is dishonest in the extreme.
     So, yeah, to the troll. I call you a coward for blocking all comments to your site (barring your own, of course.) This post will mimic your style. No comments will be allowed. And if you do not comment on this post, I will take that as you agreeing with everything I have said.