Wednesday, June 16, 2010

About comment spam...

     It seems that some people are posting comment spam. I have been finding long sets of random character glyphs or periods that link to (if the link address is any indication; I have not actually followed those links) "adult" websites. Now, if you want to argue against something I have said in my blog and wish to include a link to a source that supports your case, feel free. But if the text of your comment is a mere filler so that you can treat my blog as your personal ad space, then I will delete the comments.
     Consider this a heads up. This blog is written in English, not Chinese, Japanese or whatever those characters were supposed to be. If I find unreadable material that is serving as a hyperlink, I will probably regard it as spam. If I find hyperlinks in which the text does not make it clear what the link is supposed to go to, I will regard it as spam.
     Try to be reasonable. I'd hate to have to turn on moderation -- although so few people read my blog, I doubt anyone would notice. I also can't help but wonder if Stormbringer isn't behind this. The appearance of the spam seems to coincide with my criticizing him for making excuses to block all comments. Well, I will never need to block all comments. But I prefer to keep comments "real time." It would help discussions -- if there were any.

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rhiggs said...

I seem to get at least one of these spam comments on each of the posts at my blog. I doubt it is Stormbringer as I have seen them on many blogs. I just delete them each time. By the way, I use the 'remove forever' option, which gets rid of the note saying that you deleted it. Just my preference as it keeps the comment section cleaner.