Friday, June 18, 2010

This is a comment I found on another blog

     Here is a comment I found on another blog. The names have been effectively removed.

<X>, Baby, for the last time, I'll explain. And I'll type slow because I know you and the rest of this herd can't read fast.

I get accused of making up the comments by the [deleted.] So, I show you how to find his site. He's real, he railed against me (better than you clowns did, I'll give him that). Easily proven, but you're so consumed with hate, you're stupidified.

There's that "reason" again, you lot cannot grasp it.

     So here's the challenge. Can you tell to what belief the above commenter subscribes? Is he hindu? Muslim? Christian? Jewish? Atheist? Wiccan? A believer in the old Roman gods, perhaps? I should probably give my readers (crickets chirping) some background. No one had claimed that the other person didn't exist. In fact, a link was provided to the site by one of the critics of the commenter above. No reference to that commenter can be found on the site. Now, this person has been accused of fabricating comments because, well, he has been caught fabricating comments. But no one has asserted that the people he pretends write the invented comments don't exist. That's a red herring he's throwing. They point out, quite correctly, that he invents comments and falsely attributes them to people who exist but never wrote those comments.
     Yes, you there in the back. You could come up front. There's plenty of room. Hardly anyone seems to be here. You say I haven't given you enough information? That all those styles of belief produce such inane people among their members? Well, that's actually my point. No belief system is a guard against such stupidity. And yet I find so many people who claim to be smart by virtue of adhering to the "correct" belief. No, if you're smart, you will realize that your belief might be incorrect.


rhiggs said...

I really don't understand the author of the quoted comment. He is obviously lying (we have both exposed him of this) and yet he continues to embroil himself further into the lie by fighting back.

Is he simply a troll? Or a very elaborate Poe? Both of these would explain things adequatley.

But, is it possible that he actually thinks that he is right, and that these comments are real? This latter scenario would be the most worrying for me. It would put him in the same category as our 'currently unaccounted for' San Francisco-loathing acquaintance.

Whateverman said...

Yes, he's a troll. He antagonizes for reasons that I can't quite fathom, yet it's all too obvious that he's not interested in listening to or thinking about the people he trolls.

He claims to be in his fifties, but with all the projection he puts forth, I often wonder if he's not still living at home with the parents...

Pvblivs said...

     "He claims to be in his fifties, but with all the projection he puts forth, I often wonder if he's not still living at home with the parents..."
     It's possible that both are true.

Whateverman said...
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Whateverman said...

Have either of you caught the over-the-top irony in his latest post?

Something that I've shouted long and loud is that you have to build up your integrity. From there, you have to protect your reputation by living by the aforementioned integrity.

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