Sunday, March 29, 2009

And once again...

     And once again Daniel goes running off. This time, it's just to his own blog, where he has the nice, convenient, delete button. Strange, isn't it? When he does it, he calls it "righteous rebuking." When others do it to him, he calls it "flaming" or "trying to steal [his] peace." Now, there is an important difference. Daniel does it on no evidence. The criticisms he receives, are evidenced by his own blog. The recent criticism refers to his own post here.
     I suppose everyone should be able to see his true colors.

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Oranges said...

Ironically, I had no intention of posting that comment on "Debunking Atheists", but Daniel censored me on his own blog where I made a similar point.

A point he obviously didnt like.

What goes around comes around. He can't hide from his own words, no matter how considered and humble he occasionally tries to appear.