Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well, no one got the points.

     A nice effort from Dax, though. It seems we have no Asimov fans here. "A House for the Feeble-minded" was taken from the story "Profession." It's a very interesting story. To me, it seems to carry the subtext that creativity cannot be taught.
     I see an analogy between the Education Tapes of the story and our educational system. They tend to "lock in" a particular way of thinking. People coming out are not able to see outside of their own little scope. And, no, that scope is not "reality." Of course, religious instruction also "locks in" its way of thinking.

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Dax said...

Yes As soon as you mentioned the late great Dr.(himself an atheist)I remembered that I had read it in an anthology a long time ago. I wouldn't have been able to identify the author as that sounds more Bradbury than Asimov.