Sunday, March 15, 2009

Daniel is back.

     He changed his blog address. I posted which fits in this thread. I am reposting it here as I expect he will block it. I could be wrong. I always hope that he will turn to honesty; but -- I'm not holding my breath. In case anyone is interested, my comment follows.


     No, the lies I called you on, I demonstrated to be lies at the time. That's why I say they were careless. And for me to be bearing false witness, I would accusing someone of something of which I had no reason to think they were guilty.
     My comment was relevant to yours. I think you shut down because you were hiding from truth. I still think that you are trying to create an illusion. I am on no warpath; but I am, to use your terminology, rebuking you. But we shall see.
     Your claim of warpath is without merit, by any standard definition. Maybe you consider me to be "on a warpath" because I actually call you when you say something untrue. Perhaps it's because I don't sing your praises. I think it's because I speak truth and truth is your enemy. But you are always welcome to show me wrong. Or you can show me correct by blocking my comments.

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