Sunday, August 17, 2008

If I know it's pointless, I won't do it.

     No, I will not cry out to Jesus, all the while knowing it's "too little, too late." If it matters not anyway, then I should hope that in such a situation that I would engage in the last great act of defiance and correctly call the christian god a ruthless tyrant. If he is going to send me to hell anyway, I will not give him the satisfaction of pleading for mercy. Mind -- I think the claim is hogwash anyway. But if there is an evil god such as the one described in the bible, my knee will not bend, save by an external force.


Dan +†+ said...

So you are angry against God for 'you' breaking the Law or Him for creating Laws? You will honorably go to jail? You sound like a gang member that is proud.

Keep in mind it's never too little, too late until you die. God never gives up on you even though you gave up on God a long time ago.

Pvblivs said...


     If the bible is to be believed, this god creates unjust "laws" -- presumably so that everyone has to turn to "Plan B" (needing a "savior.") If that were given as "Plan A," it would be more generally recognized as unjust. But if no one can meet the "requirements" of "Plan A," it is safe to assume that the alternative presented was really Plan A all along.

Dan +†+ said...

Look I can't even begin to understand everything about 'plan A' but I know that God is a righteous and just God. God wanted to keep the boundaries of free will in tact so he worked within those boundaries. Capitol punishment was enforced yes but if the men wanted multiple wives that is up to them but it wasn't designed to be like that, same with divorce (Matthew 19:8)

It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Eve, Linda, Joann, and Susan. Man gets it wrong most all of the time. Remember the Enacting God's Will post? Men get it wrong don;t lose your Salvation because of something some dude did. You will just HAVE to trust God that he did ans will do the right thing...or not.

Pvblivs said...

     "[B]ut I know that God is a righteous and just God."
     Any evidence? No, I will not take "he says so."

dede said...

of course i'm placing an assumption here but what has happened in your life that you stomp around like a toddler in a full blown tantrum?

i'm gotta shoot it out there and just say that something must have happened in your lifetime that was so nasty that you are blaming God for allowing it to happen. i'd quickly admit if i'm wrong here.

look pvblivs i enjoy reading your blogs and frankly you remind me

there's nothing wrong with expressing yourself in the way you do. i just wish your heart, mind, and soul could understand that God isn't all tyrant but is the perfect Father you and I never had. whether you had a active dad in your life, he, like my dad was not perfect, no earthly dad is but the God of the Scriptures wants to envelope his love around you and is opened armed to receive you.

forgive me, but i frankly have a hard time envisioning you always thrashing your arms around in anger and disgust.

i pray that you will find "rest" in your core being knowing that God so loved pvblivs, that He gave His only begotten Son and whosoever believe in Him will not perish but will have everlasting life.

life and death are ever before you...choose life pvblivs.

i care about you,