Friday, August 22, 2008

I am convinced that Ray does not believe what he is selling.

     He recently made a post saying "we cannot lose." Now, Ray's not that stupid. I am aware that there are people that disagree with me on this point. If Ray believed there might be a god (and even I acknowledge the possibility) then he would recognize that if there is a god and he is opposed to christianity, he (Ray) loses. An actual christian might have faith that he will not lose. But he would have to see how he can.
     It gets more interesting. If christianity is true (which I don't believe) Ray still loses. Think about it. Who are the people who say "look at the works we performed in your name"? They can't be atheists, skeptics, or adherents of other religions. Such people have done no works in his name. It's not likely to be former christians. It would be people, like Ray, who openly proclaimed Jesus, but knew they had other things in mind.
     In other news, some dogs were found barking.

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Robert L Stevenson said...

I have read where Ray stated that atheists and other unbelieving souls really do believe in god but are just pretending. I have also read somewhere that when debating a believer who quickly turns to anger, it is usually because they don't actually believe everything they are telling you. I think this is rather true because while one may fool himself to some degree the improbability of what is believed is somehow rejected deep in the conscience and eventually is revealed. The human mind, not unlike a computer memory, can harbor illogic and improbables for only so long before a fatal run error becomes apparent.