Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Worldviews and perspectives

It appears that there are several evangelical christians who cannot comprehend worldviews other than their own. As I have seen quite a bit of "Well, what if the christian god is real?" together with "Anything god does is automaticly just because he's god," I have started asking what if this god has decided that the bible is a hoax and sends them to torment anyway.

So far, I have not had anyone answer that question directly. I have seen wiggle out answers instead, claims that it is inconsistent for god to lie. An interesting example of circular reasoning is "We know that god has revealed his honesty in a way that we can be certain because god has revealed his honesty in a way that we can be certain." Naturally, they recognize such blatent abuses of logic when applied to anything else.


Kristine said...

Well, my latest response to "doc" and "allfiredup" at Comfortjunkfood naturally didn't get through modification, probably because I 1) asked for evidence again; 2) said that I've been around and know believers of many other religions who think these guys are worshipping the wrong god, and how do they know they aren't; and 3) linked to an article by christians saying that Ray Comfort is spreading "false teachings."

And in his latest post, Ray Comfort has the nerve to talk about "chicken-livers"!

Pvblivs said...

     I'd like to see that link. (I did see his latest post.)
     If Ray wants to challenge people to post on muslim blogs, he really needs to provide an example of one. (Of course, that would violate his own policy.)

Kristine said...

Here it is.

I have participated in online forums with Muslims BTW. Thing is, they assume you're Christian. They have no concept of an atheist. They don't even know what you're talking about.