Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sye wants Eric Hovind to be the sole moderator of any debates.

     Yes, that would be the same Eric Hovind that gave Sye admin priviledges on his blog. Personally, I don't that speaks well for his impartiality in any debate to which Sye is a party. Sye then goes on to say that Paul Baird had no problems with Hovind being the sole moderator. Well, I say let Paul speak for himself. Absent Paul weighing in, I am going to continue to think that Paul just tolerated Hovind so that Sye might stop putting up roadblocks. And I definitely don't trust Sye to speak on Paul's behalf.


Paul Baird said...

I just love the way Sye rewrites history.

There is a long, long, long chain of events behind that Third Debate which resulted in me challenging a range of Presupp advocates across a wide arena including CSE and Ray Comfort's show too.

As part of that process the 'host' gets to moderate.

I was initially happy with that until it became clear post debate that Eric was not being an honest broker.

I would not agree to Eric hosting any future debate that I was involved in as he cannot be trusted.

The underlying issue is one of control. Having Eric as moderator means that effectively CSE get the rights from under your very nose, and they will misuse that.

I'd recommend forgetting about Sye, Eric and Dustin and consider debating other Presupp advocates if that is what you want to do.

Choosing Hats may be a good place to look for a more meaningful exchange although that said I'd also suggest that this method of apologetics is in an intellectual cul de sac and should be left there.

Sye TenB said...

”I was well impressed with you (Eric) at the end of that, cause I thought you handled this as evenly as I could have expected ~ Paul Baird on his own podcast July 11, 2011

'nuff said.

Pvblivs said...


     The fact that he revised his position on closer examination of how Hovind used his position as moderator is significant. It also means that you are deceptive when you try to use his pre-review position to state that Hovind is a reasonable moderator.

Sye TenB said...

Please post where Paul had ANY problems with Eric's actual moderation of the debate, and specifically what that problem was. As usual, I will not be holding my breath.

Paul Baird said...

I don't think I need to add anything.