Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can't you just feel the love? Me neither.

     I present to you an excerpt from one of Dan's comments.

     "I am only going to pray for [our] [g]od's [w]ill be done. At this point I think its clear as to how [our] [g]od decided where to place Alex to glorify [the alleged] [c]hrist for all of eternity. Praise the [l]ord."

     I should point out a few things. Dan is contradicting the bible that he claims to be his god's word. The bible claims that their god is "unwilling that any should perish." Dan is saying not only that his god wills people in advance to perish, but that he (Dan) actively wants it to happen. This also shows that Dan (despite his statements to the contrary) has no love for anyone. He just wants to do what he hopes will save his own skin. Dan, furthermore, clearly shows that he has no concern for ethics. I would really be frightened of what Dan might do if he thought he could get away with it -- or if he convinced himself that his god commanded it.
     It would be rather fitting, on the assumption that there is an afterlife, that Dan got to experience what he praying for Alex to experience. But I would still rather that Dan's eyes be opened instead.

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Reynold said...

I just read that, and posted about it. Yeah, that's scary. That's how calvinists think.