Thursday, December 16, 2010

What constitutes hate?

     I put the question to my readers. What constitutes hate? Me, I think that trying to kill someone, trying to sabatoge someone's career so he can't feed himself, and framing someone for a crime he didn't commit so that he is thrown in jail are all examples of hate. But simply disagreeing with someone and voicing the reasons for the disagreement is in no way indicative of hate. There are some people who like to say that any disagreement with their position is hate. Only arguments in favor of their desires conclusions are allowed. Interestingly, these people tend to call me prideful. It reminds me of of "pot, meet kettle; comment on color."
     So, why are some people so eager to throw around accusations of "hate"? Well, I can't say for certain. After all, I'm not a mind-reader. But I can make some intelligent guesses. They want to think highly of themselves but only manage to do it through an illusion. They don't have any accomplishments that fill them. And they want to have something. So they associate themselves as "belonging to the right group" or "being god's chosen people" or something like that. But dissent can bring that crashing down.
     When you are pleased with yourself about something you did, you can remain satisfied even if the accomplishment is meaningless to others -- because it is still something you accomplished. There's a lot of satisfaction to be had for that. But belonging to an exclusive club, having the "right" parents, being invited to a great party, those are hollow. Oh, sure, they can be nice experiences, but they don't mean anything about who you are, only where you are. I think that many people don't like dissent or challenge because, deep down, they don't have an identity. They see themselves as a cipher or a placeholder.

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