Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Giving up hope

     I am afraid that I have given up hope of leading Stormbringer to a life of honesty. It's not just that it is taking time. But he is getting worse. In this post, he is essentially bragging about his dishonesty and how nothing will change him. It's sad, really. Still, there is always the possibility that some day he will grow up on his own.


     "My pet troll Norman is more than just a pet troll. He's also a 'type' or 'concept,' so I may be able to build on that. After all, someone that is a legend in his own mind, fancies himself a scholar, cannot be reasoned with, irritating seven ways 'till sundown — hard to believe that most of this is someone that we have experienced online. Almost like Norman is a committee instead of an individual."
     He is definitely describing himself, here. That's hardly surprising as "Norman" is but a figment of his imagination. I also know that there are several people that he blocks comments from several people -- though, obviously, I can't know how frequently.
     "Don't want him getting publicity."
     You know, that sounds just like a lot of evolution supporters talking about propents of creationism. Well, people are alike all over. It's not surprising to see Stormbringer encouraging actions in his supporters to which he objects when applied against his positions.

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