Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some christians leave the fold.

     I would like to talk about something everybody knows. Some christians leave the fold. They come to decide that christianity is not true. Now, I'm not going to say that this is common or that it happens to a majority of christians. But it does happen.
     The point that I made would be insignificant except for one fact. Some christians try to deny it. They will claim that there is "no such thing as an ex-christian" and say that the ex-christians were really "false converts." Some of them will throw around the "false convert" label for various other embarrassments that they don't want associated with christianity. But it's all a sham.
     There is no such thing as a "false convert." It is a label invented to cover up embarrassments. Oh, there are people who will say "when I was a christian" when they never were christian, just as there are people who will say "when I was an atheist" when they never were. But these aren't the people over whom they throw about the "false convert" label. The person who lyingly says "when I was a christian" never thought himself a christian. The people they call "false converts" genuinely believed in the faith; but they don't want to admit these people were christian.

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