Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A brief rendition of a conversation with a christian:

     Christian: If the resurrection is made up, why did the gospel writers say the first people to find the empty tomb were women?
     Me: The gospel writers had an inconvenient fact. There was no prior record of anyone reporting an empty tomb. The only way to salvage the claim is to say it was witnessed by someone whose report would not be recorded. That meant women.
     Christian: But women had no standing. If they were going to make up a story about an empty tomb, why would they say it was found by women?
     Me: It is precisely because women had no standing that the gospel writers claimed that women found the tomb. It was the only way to account for the absence of a record.
     Christian: But why would they make up a claim that women found the tomb?
     Me: I have already answered that question.
     Christian: But why say it was women?

     Experiences like this color my perception of those who try to defend christianity as accurate. The facts are against them. Now, in all fairness, this person did touch on other topics. But the main thrust was asking this same already-answered question over and over.

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