Sunday, July 18, 2010

It seems to me...

     Christianity is often portrayed as a selfless religion of loving and giving. But it seems to me that it is set up only to appeal only to self-centered interests. It doesn't actually call on its adherents to try to be better people (that whole "saved by faith, not by works" bit.) It only calls on people to "trust Jesus as their lord and savior."
     Now, most religions encourage good behavior. Furthermore, most belief system consider any "rewards for good behavior" to apply equally well to outsiders. Not so with christianity. I have heard christians say that their "god" only sees good deeds as an attempt to bribe him. Seriously, what kiind of god does not want to see people treating each other with kindness and does want to see people falling at his feet worshipping him? What kind of person dedicates his life to that?

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