Sunday, July 04, 2010

Feelings of persecution.

     There is one blogger that I have noticed (and the three of you that actually read this might have noticed too) who is complaining about the resistance he gets to his message. I'm not going to name him here because, one, I am not interested in engaging in a personal attack, I am criticizing methodology, and two, there are probably many others just like him with varying messages. However, to hear him tell it, he thinks he is being persecuted for his beliefs.
     He claims that people refuse to listen to him because they hate the truth of his message. Leaving aside the fact that I have found no truth to his message, I would like to suggest that it may be his delivery that people find so objectionable. This is a guy who pretends to allow comments on his blog (there is a link for "leave a comment") but blocks them all pre-emptively (if you click on that link, you find that you are not allowed to leave a comment.) When he makes comments on other blogs, he admits that he doesn't bother to read any responses but calls people cowards if they don't read every word he has to say and follow every link he provides.
     Now, don't get me wrong. There really are people out there who will harass anyone who says something they don't like to hear. I think the person in question is one of them. But it is completely unreasonable to expect others to follow a standard that you refuse to meet yourself. It is not fair to tell people they should listen to everything you want to say while not letting them say word one.
     He says he can run his blog the way he wants. That's certainly true; he can. But people are not going to want to listen while he lectures them and lies about them. Add in the fact that he does not allow reply and he has created a recipe for no one listening to his message.


郁雯郁雯 said...
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Whateverman said...
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Whateverman said...

He refuses to live up to the standards he lists and claims are what he strives for. If this isn't a crystal clear sign of his insincerity, nothing is.

Really, I don't care if he complains. You might be right IRT his delivery method, but I think his underlying message is just as corrupt.

He's a perfect example of the kind of religious belief religion doesn't need right now...

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