Monday, May 17, 2010

A note to fullcircle

     Yes, I deleted a post of yours that contained nothing but insults and foul language. If, at some point, you decide to start behaving like a responsible adult, I will let your comments stay. Unless and until that happens, I will delete your nonsense. We've covered this. Changing your screen name doesn't make a difference. I am not nearly so unobservant as you prefer to imagine.
     If it's any consolation to you. I don't prescreen my comments and I check my own blog rather sporadicly. In all likelihood, there will be several people to witness your infantile rantings before I notice them. But your disruptive actions have attracted my attention. And so you are more likely to be deleted. That doesn't mean you can't argue against my position or that I will delete such arguments. But you haven't done that. Your posts have consisted of name-calling and insults and have had no merit whatsoever. I don't need that on my blog. Ray may like that when you "play atheist" on his blog because he likes to say that is what "atheists" are like. Perhaps you should go back to being his shill.


     I am more interested in giving my blog taste and sanity than in preserving the evidence of your four-letter vocabulary. You may think it makes you a great wit. I am inclined to believe you are half right.

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