Sunday, December 06, 2009

Ah, It looks like Ray has recruited some people to pose as "atheists."

     Naturally, Ray from "Atheist Central" wishes to create an illusion that non-christians are childish people who would rather taunt and insult rather than argue points. Enter Fullcircle. He claims to be an atheist. But he criticizes anyone who exhibits rational thought. He only has praise for those who throw playground taunts at Ray and his followers. This is exactly the portrayal that Ray wishes to make. There is no question in my mind. This is an imposter.
     Here are some recent examples of this characters style of argument: "You bleating ignoramus! By the way it's 'grammar', Puffy, not 'grammer'. Got that?" "Loafie--Do you actually think anything you might say'd be taken seriously by anyone with half a brain?" "Tuber Q Losis, is there no end to your sycophancy? If I were Ray, I'd find your obsequiousness galling." (granted, he had to look up a few words, there) "Lisa darling, you tender soul, I'm sure we'll all take your sweet words under advisement...NOT."
     Look all you want. He does not say anything that even pretends to be a rational, coherent argument. It's all name-calling and insults. It might be understandable if, say, the quotes I gave were lapses of frustration. They aren't. They are his standard fare. He is actively trying to discredit all dissent to christianity by portraying his act as representative of said dissent. He also criticizes any who uses a rational argument against christianity. This is not an atheist. This is someone trying to create a false image of atheists.
     Now, I realize that, since I don't rule out the possibility of some god existing, I am not an atheist either. One might wonder why the charade upsets me. It upsets me because it feeds Ray's con. Ray doesn't distinguish between atheists and anyone else who disagrees with his sales pitch. This character doesn't either.


Anonymous said...

Pvblivs -

I do agree that there is something not right about 'fullcircle'.
As a believer, I hope that it's not another believer posing as an atheist, but there are all types out there.

I (honestly) admire the way you've handled him so far on AC, belive it or not.

No matter which 'team' he's on, do what you must to keep on him/her to expose them. I'll support you in that effort, if you wish. I know we've rarely seen eye to eye but I also believe you have a sense of fairness.

Anonymous said...

Tweedle-dee & Tweedle-dum! Between the pair of you, you might be able to cobble together a working brain!

Then you could both end up 'living as one', & join some travelling freak show. Not sure that they allow 'em these days, tho'...Sorry guys!

So much comic fodder...Don't know what to do with it?

I always remember to thank the Lord for giving me His sense of humour. He's got to be an atheist, & a real one at that, heh Pub-boy?

As for exposing me, Loafie, you cowardly son-of-a-bitch, why don't put your words to the test on Ray's blog? I'm all a-tremble at the thought. My knees are clattering. You've put the fear of your God in me: Pwease don't hurt me!!

Or is it that you'd prefer to hide behind your new-found Macho-Man, Publius?? Get it on! Get it on!

You 2 are a gift to comedians. Xmas has come early for some of us! Thanks boys!

Pvblivs said...


     Why don't you come back when and if you ever have anything worthwhile to say? The inanity that you actually present is unwelcome here. I have made a specific accusation against you, that you do not present rational arguments and instead rely on name-calling and insults. And what is the nature of your comment? "Tweedle-dee & Tweedle-dum!" (name-calling) and "Between the pair of you, you might be able to cobble together a working brain!" (insult)
     Since you have elected to reference the work of Charles Dodgson, I will say this, any further snark in your comments shall be boojums and such comments will meet a predictable fate.