Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is there a good god?

     Well, strictly speaking we don't know if there is a god at all. But, suppose there is a god. Further suppose that you want to convince me that this god is good. How would you do that? A lot of people try quoting bible verses at me where he is declaring himself to be good. I have to tell you. That does not impress me. Wicked people say that they are good. They also tell me that he does not lie. And they know this because... well, because he says so. So far, that's O for 2. If he lies, he can lie and say he does not. Now, there are quite a few things in the bible, attributed to its god, that are wicked. Believers will attempt to "justify" these things by saying "it was right for god to do that because the people were wicked." Hold on a moment? How can we be sure the people were wicked. Several times, we are talking about infants and children. My instinct tells me that infants and children (while they may be a handful) are not wicked. Oh, right, he says so again. This "god" seems to blame everyone else for what he does. He takes no responsibility whatsoever. It seems to me that he is a spoiled brat.

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flinging dust said...

I think that a lot of people don't think about what they believe and what is worse is that a lot do and believe it anyway.