Sunday, June 29, 2008

Copy of post to Ray Comfort's blog

Ray Comfort:
     You have been deleting quite a few of my comments and they don't run foul of your stated rules.
     In the most recent you deleted, I pointed out that I agreed that the editing was not appropriate, particularly the insertion of chimp sounds. Indeed, it is rather stooping to your level. After all, you do stunts with chimps for the purpose of mocking the idea that we are distantly related.
     The most effective counter to your claim is to show it as you, yourself, presented it followed by a demonstration that the wild banana doesn't fit anything you said.

     Personally, I think he deletes posts that he considers more obvious exposures of his deception.


The Ranting Student said...

Of course he does, just like he edits clips of random people on his television show, WAY OF THE MASTER[which a friend of mine thought was a television show for christian martial arts].

PS: Thanks for the blog comment, I did not have originality I confess, when I began my blog. As you can see, I may change my header, layout, and whatnot. But thank you. May I add you on my blogroll, by then way?

Pvblivs said...

     You can do whatever you like regarding that. This blog is of my own rants and I was surprised when some comments actually started showing up.