Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog reading level

     I found an unusual site the other day. One of the blogs I was browsing placed in the sidebar an assertion that his blog reading level was rated "genius." (He has since taken that down and, as of this writing, the reading level rates "college.") Perhaps I simply fail to understand his purpose. My understanding is that one writes these blogs in an effort to communicate with other people -- the readers. If what one writes can only be understood by someone who reads at a genius level, one will reach very few people.
     My own blog apparently has a reading level not conducive to most people understanding it. That is a problem as I am really trying to communicate. Unfortunately, the way I write is the way I think.

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~Ashley Michele~ said...

Hi. Found your blog randomly. Just wanted to say I don't have any problem reading it. ;) You write intelligently and communicate clearly. I don't necessarily *agree* with what you write...but I enjoy reading it nonetheless. :)

In short: Nice blog. Ignore the rating thinger.