Monday, February 11, 2008

Is the biblical god an abuser?

     I spend a fair amount of time visiting other blogs. There are a few christian and atheistic blogs I like to visit. One thing that I notice is that christians seem to defend their idea of god in a way that looks like a batterred wife defending her husband. Am I the only one who thinks this? I mean, they will take actions, attributed to the christian god, that would be considered monstrous in any other context and yet say that they are acceptable "because he's god" or claim even that it is done out of "love." Let me tell you. I don't want that kind of "love."


Anonymous said...

I have a question for you should everyone be subject to your morals? If not than why subject God to them? If you try to make God fit into your moral compass than you are assuming you are the moral compass of the universe I do not defend God he can do that himself I defend my reasons for believing in him. This is my issue with atheistic arguments they don't see the logical flaws in them. About the blog screening we christians do it because most of our blogs are more family oriented and I am sorry some of the names I get called or the threats to my life do get deleted but if it is an actual comment that is not rude or degrating I will accept it even if it doesn't agree with my beliefs thats how we learn is by point and counter point.

Pvblivs said...


     I think your question is misleading. These are not "my morals" in the sense tht I can declare something right or wrong as I please. That actually fits the description of the biblical god. I judge thing based on the morality I perceive. I am willing to listen to arguments attempting to explain why my perception is wrong. Sometimes my perception changes because I learn new things. But "because he's god" is completely unpersuasive.
     To answer what I consider a non-misleading adjustment to your question, I think everyone should be subject to morals. I also think that applies to any god that may exist. I reject the biblical god because, to the best of my perception, he is a wicked depraved being. It should be noted further that christians regard many of the actions as evil -- as long as they are attributed to someone other than their god.

Raymond Botha said...


Considering that Jesus is God, how does His life in your view challenge your current interpretation of the God of the Bible ?


Pvblivs said...

Raymond botha:

     Let's see... curses a fig tree for not giving him fruit out of season, treats his mother with absolute contempt, tell people not to call others "fool," yet does so himself, is incredibly vain. Even when he does something that looks like it might be a sign of humility, he explains that he is just making a demonstration for others; he considers himself to important to do any such thing for any other reason. That doesn't challenge my viewpoint at all.

Sye TenB said...

These are not "my morals" in the sense tht I can declare something right or wrong as I please.... I judge thing based on the morality I perceive.

Um...same thing bud.